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Leftover wine?

How are you supposed to keep leftover red wine? --->In the fridge or at room temp? I have two half bottles from last night: Gabbiano Chianti and Ravenswood Zinfandel.

Please explain why.

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    It is important to protect your wine from the air to slow down oxidation, the process which will eventually turn your wine to vinegar.

    Two ways:

    1) Use a commercial product available in wine stores which pumps an inert gas into the bottle to displace the oxygen. Since the gas is heavier than oxygen, it will settle to the surface of the liquid and form a barrier between the wine and oxygen.

    2) Easier and cheaper way: transfer the leftover wine into a smaller, sealable bottle like a clean empty pop bottle. Less air in the bottle will slow down oxidation.

    With both of these methods, chilling the wine in the fridge may also prolong the life of the wine.

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    Blow into the bottle then place the cork back in fast. The carbon dioxide that you breath in the bottle will help the wine to last. Drink in the next couple of days or find a great recipe and use the wine for cooking. This way you can cook and have one more glass of wine.

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