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knitting do i read this pattern??

Start Cast on 44 stitches.

1 and 2 Knit.

3 and 4 Purl.

5 and 6 Knit.

7 and 8 Purl.

9 and 10 Knit.

11 and 12 Purl.

13 and 14 Knit.

15 and 16 Purl.

17 and 18 Knit.

19 and 20 Purl.

21 and 22 Knit.

23 Bindoff 10 stitches, Purl remaining.

24 Bindoff 10 stitches, Purl remaining.

25 and 26 Knit.

27 and 28 Purl.

29 and 30 Knit.

31 and 32 Purl.

33 and 34 Knit.

35 and 36 Purl.

37 and 38 Knit.

39 Decrease 1 stitch each side, Purl.

40 Purl.

41 Decrease 1 stitch each side, Knit.

42 Knit.

43 Knit 2 together entire row.

44 Knit 2 together entire row. Finish. Cast off.

To complete, sew up the front and back of bootie, turn right-side out and finish with a bow or ribbon.


i'm just learning to knit and wanted to know how to read the instructions for these baby booties....


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  • Nora G
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    what they r saying is knit rows 1 and 2, purl rows 3 and 4 or knit 2 rows purl 2 rows 23 and 24 explain themselves, repeat rows 25 -38 and the rest is self explanatory. hope that helps.

    good luck and happy holidays

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The previous answers are all right. I make it 10 stitches, or 11 after you knit the pattern over the 10 stitches. There will be 12 repeats of the pattern in your 240 sts. (240 / 10 sts pattern = 12 repeats) Each repeat contains 4 YO's, increasing the number by 4, and 3 k2tog, decreasing the number by 3, for a gain of 1 in each pattern repeat, or 24 over all. This gives you the expected 264 sts. The idea of using the markers to set off each pattern is a good one, that's what I do in this kind of work. Then you can verify by counting each group and find any mistakes more easily. You would wind up with 21 if you missed one of the YO's in each pattern. Lets read the pattern again. You would K1, and YO, then K1 and YO again, (increase of 2 sts), k2 tog 3 times, (decrease of 3), YO, k1, YO (increasing twice with the 2 YO's). This would give you 11 sts. You may have missed the last YO, as has been suggested, or you maybe did not do the first one TWICE as it says to do. You may want to get other needles and practive yarn, cast on 10 sts, and try this pattern several times or until you get the 11 stitches as a result. This way you don't have to keep ripping back on your actual work, you can use the practice oiece for that. When you are certain that you are getting the correct result you will be more comfortable returning to your actual work. Sometimes there will be something about a pattern that you just don't get until you try it a few times in practice materials. That's OK, we all do this and we become better knitters for having solved our problem. Good luck, I know you can do this.

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    It would be clearer if it said, as do some patterns, row 1&2 knit, row 3&4 purl, but that's what it means. When it says knit 2 together, it means put your needle through two stitches and knit them as though they were one. Do that all the way across, so you'll have half as many stitches when you get to the next row.

    You must be using teeny-tiny needles and teeny-tiny yarn if baby booties have 44 rows. I hope they come out well. If you don't know how to cast off, you can look that up by using Google. They way I do it wouldn't help you because I knit Nordic. It's a bit different.

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    check out

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