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Is it normal for a guy to flirt and sit next to you and then you hardly talk to me then next week?

I am putting more effort in talking to him, than he is with me. He is kind of shy and two years younger than me. I need advice, quick!! Thanks in advance!!!!


Last week, we sat together at Bible class and he asked for my ring. He put it on his finger and wouldn't give it back unless he put it back on my finger. I catch him staring at me alot and when I do he keeps staring. Did I do something wrong?

Update 2:

Once, I invited him to go with me to a Christmas play and he said he couldn't because he had other plans. But, he said if he didn't have those plans he would. Then, I was working at the concession stand and his school was having their football game there and I saw him. He said that he would come and talk to me when I was done working, I had to leave, so we didn't talked, but he told me that he really wanted to talk to me.I get so confused sometimes.

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    its propbably because he has just realised that he has made it obvious that he likes you and now hes being a guy and thinking ' oh god i'd better pretend that i dont like her because i cant handle relationships'!!

    yes he likes you alot

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    You don't say how old this guy is, only that he is younger than you. It is normal for guys in there teens to be shy and awkward around girls. His feelings and the potential relationship may scare him. Or, I'm afraid, he might have decided he is no longer interested. Hard to say based only on what you've said.

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    it is pretty normal guys are just guys and if i might add wired in ways. some guys do that if they just want something out of it, but then some guys are like they don't want to hurt the girl just in case something bad, or something not good happens. Just go up to him i guess and say if you want we can probably go hang out or something. Or you know what you could even say if you want to talk to me talk to me other wise leave me a lone, but that sounds mean so you might want to word or say something different, i know what goes on but at times i don't know how guys are, but i have grown up with them my whole life i have brothers and Friends that tell me anything i want to know about guys so i guess go with you gut mainly your gut usually knows whats right.

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    this isnt very normal. it could be he is looking 4 a win win situation. if this so u should spare no effort in leaving him. But if he is as shy as u say, give him some time. He is probably thinking of wat to so to u and not make himself look like an ***. Worsr case scenario, he is secretly gay. But i would go with the second option.

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    Hes young he problably doesn't know what a girl your age likes. Ask him questions so he will put in the effort too.

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    How previous are both of you? in accordance to his habit, i'd say both actual one of you're very youthful. besides the indisputable fact that, he of course likes you plenty. yet he's shy and afraid, like maximum adult males when we are youthful,. So he's afraid you'll reject him. in case you extremely like him, supply him some encouragement. even perchance come out and tell him you want him.

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    He's just shy and you will need to keep up the effort if you plan to pursue it any further.

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    well he might get the vibe that u are not intrestred. if he has no game and u still like him be a little bit more obvious. "so jack when did u get to be so cute"

    "so jack lets go on a date"

    its not that hard

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    most guys who meet a girl for the first time are goofy and are not sure what to say.......keep talking to him, he will come arond unless he has a girlfriend, and lets hope he is not married for your sake

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    thats it hes just shy he might think your playing with him or something tell him your like him than see what he says.

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