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How much time do you spend in your Greenhouse?

This is the 1st winter season that I have had my greenhouse. I find myself spending countless hours working and enjoying my new hobby. My family states "If you can't find Mom go look in the greenhouse." Do you enjoy spending time alone with your plants?

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    Oh yeah, I used to be there all the time until a hail storm damaged it and I have been unable to repair it. I'm still out there on cold days when I need a dose of sunshine or go nuts. I take my cat and a book, and just chill (actually warm up) for an hour or two even with only the hardiest plant survivors for company. You will find relief from sunlight deprivation while warm and toasty, a major seasonal mood disorder from which many suffer. If you are relieved, the family benifits, remind them of that. Sometimes I just like being alone. No one enters the green house without knocking and it better be an emergency. It's better than the bathroom by a long shot because they can't even claim I'm in someone's way.

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    I agree have one myself best Hobby in world

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    Spend as much time as you need, it sounds therapeutic for you.


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