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how do you say the word "from" in french??

how woudl you say "from" in french if the sentence was, " the hills protect the vineyard from the western winds"

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    A direct translation of "from" wouldn't work in that sentence. You'd use "contre" instead of from. Contre in this sense meaning "against" the western winds.

    Or rework the sentence as stated by Paul S. above.

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    de, du, de la one of those but right now I am not sure... I am pretty sure it is du. De la is for plural, de is for a masculin object... hhmmm. I have to go back and learn some more french.

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    in your sentence it's "du" because for weather elements the french use "du" for masculine elements and "de la" for the feminine ones when using the verb "protéger"

    such as du vent, du soleil, du gel

    but de la pluie, de la neige, de la sècheresse,...

    les collines protègent le vignoble DU vent d'ouest.

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    Something like "Les vignobles sont protege du vent de l'ouest par les collines".

    If you prefer the active voice, perhaps "Les collines protegent les vignobles de le vent de l'ouest".

    Oh, yes, "contre" is better, as the guy below said.

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    but in this sentence it will be "les collines protègent la vigne contre les vents occidentaux"

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    All of the above: Go back to your study desks!!!

    Les collines protègent les vignobles des vents de l’ouest.

    (de le) = du

    (de la) = de la

    (de les) = des

    (de l’) = de l’

    Could also be:

    Les collines protègent les vignobles contre les vents de l’ouest.

    C’est un plaisir!

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    It's de la or du depending whether the it is masculine or feminine.

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    lepettey pua means little pea. thats all I know in french so far.

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    the word from in french means: dès

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