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kitty asked in Society & CultureHolidaysChristmas · 1 decade ago

What kind of small stuff to put in my boyfreinds stockings. ALL ADVICE. NO RUDE THINGS PLEASE.?

This year he's haveing christmas with my family and I want to make him to feel right at home.

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    Keyring, pen, small pictureframe with or without picture of you or of you both, deck of cards, giftcard, tickets to a show, belt buckle, new wallet, new gloves, cd or dvd, one of those cute little statues that you get from card stores that says "Hug" or "Love you" or something cutesy like that, cute coffee cup (of course, depending on how big that stocking is) his favorite candy, inexpensive watch, toy car (I swear, they all love this) one of those "mini" books that you get from the book store, could be jokes, love poems, his astrology sign, etc., depending on his tastes...and I always put in some Christmas themed candy and a small stuffed animal hanging out of the top (or could be a small Santa or a snowman) just because it looks cute and inviting when its hanging there....

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    Mints, gum, magazine that he likes, those little joke or fact books, or calendar. Does he play any sports like golf or tennis? Tennis balls or a sleeve of golf balls would be good. Batteries if he has something that uses up batteries all the time. If he is into cars, maybe a special car cloth or a jar of car wax. Other sports may have some small inexpensive items would work for a stocking.

    Just some thoughts.

  • A cute thing that will remind him of YOU would be a good present. Put a sweet card with maybe a Hershey's kiss inside or maybe spray some of your favorite perfume on it in his stocking. I would give him some sort of mp3 or music device that is small enough to fit into a stocking. Give him cologne that you think he'd like. Take a cute pic of the two of you and decorate it.

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    Hi, A good place to start is at Home Depot. Look around you can find small tools like screwdrivers, flashlights etc. Also if he isn"t into tools gift cards or lottery tickets are good. Oh yeah gift cards to movies and your favorite restaurant works for you also. Hope this helps, have a Merry Christmas.


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    Candies, a deck of cards, a pocket knife, an eyeglass repair kit if he wears glasses. A little flashlight. Gift card. Oh, a banana in the toe of the sock. Every Christmas sock should have a banana, nuts, and candy in it.

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    I asked this question a on an analogous time as in the past and have been given some great innovations. i'm not sure how previous your boyfriend is, yet i'm going to proportion what people shared with me. :o) an incredible thought, which I did for my boyfriend's stocking is a e book of coupons. cause them to up on the computing gadget or hand cause them to. Have issues like "reliable for a house cooked dinner", "Redeem for a walk interior the park", "reliable for action picture night", something you think of your boyfriend could like, that he can use via the twelve months. Microsoft place of work has templates you ought to use and customize. that's what I used! yet another neat thought is Lottery tickets, yet another few issues i'm putting in my boyfriend's stocking. :o) %. some candy that he likes, possibly some nuts like cashews, specific treats he could desire to like. i offered some neat poker enjoying cards for my boyfriend's stocking because of the fact we like to play enjoying cards jointly. There are various issues you are able to %. for his stocking, my advice is basically think of of issues he likes and discover little neat issues. The greenback save on occasion has various neat trinkets that is reliable for a stocking besides. reliable success to you. Merry Christmas!

  • Malika
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    A small flashlight for his car or key chain

    Life savers -- all kinds

    A nice pen and pencil set

    Gift cards

    A package (small) of Hershey Kisses (red and green)

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    oranges - apples - gift card - gift certificate - a good quality knife - a good quality all in one tool set - candy - watch - tickets to a sporting event - opera, play, ballet, symphony - pocket calender/planner

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    1 decade ago

    lottery cards

    small bottles of Cologne


    depending on how everyone will take this small bottles of liquor

    gift cards

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    a white rose, lots of chocolate... what does he like? a gift card to some electronic store or walmart or something.

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