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I took my Honda for an oil change yesterday, now my car won't start?

I have very little gas (the lights not on yet though) could that be it? I know very little about cars, is there anything I can look for and fix myself, or will I have to have it towed back to the mechanics?


when i try starting the car it makes no sound at all, just one single click. i don't know much at all about all this, sorry i can't be more specific.

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    It could be a loose battery connection. Easy way to tell Turn on the interior light. Turn the key . If light dims severely or completely out then it's either a dead battery or loose connection.

    If on the other hand it stays bright.Check the oil and see if there is any left in the motor. If non engine is fried!

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    Put a few gallons of gas in it just to make sure the gauge is reading correctly. If that doesn't work call the shop that did the work. Or you can look under the hood for any bumped or loose connections. Some MIGHT have been tugged on during the oil change. Also, the two might not be connected. It might be just an extreme coincidence.

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    Could be:

    1) Dead battery.

    2) Loose battery connection.

    3) Faulty starter.

    4) Bad ground.

    5) Faulty neutral safety switch.

    6) Bad key switch.

    7) Bad fuel pump.

    8) Plugged fuel filter.

    9) Blow fuse.

    10) Blown head gasket.

    11) Fouled spark plugs.

    12) Broken timing belt.


    There COULD be hundreds of possibilities.

    Could you be a little more specific as far as what it is or isn't doing?

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    What happens when you try to start it? Does it turn the engine over? Make a clicking noise?

    Some information about what it does might help.

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    It's probably out of gas. Get a can and put a bit into it.

    If it still won't start, they may have forgotten to put the oil plug back into it, but I doubt it.

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