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For People Who Only have the Wii or PS3 ONLY!!?

Which is better the PS3, or the Wii? Which has better games and more fun involved? It would be really appreciated for people who have both the PS3 and the Wii to answer

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    I only have the Wii, and I chose it over the PS3 for numerous reasons.

    1) The PS3 is too expensive and the blu-ray drive is not worth the money to me. Eventually the PS3 will come down in price, and I may get it then. Right now I would choose Xbox 360 over PS3.

    2) I like Nintendo franchise games: Mario, Metroid Prime, Legend of Zelda, etc

    3) The Wii is innovative. The motion sensitive controller is really cool. It's pretty much the closest to virtual reality that you can get.

    4) Fantastic graphics don't equal fantastic games.

    5) Playstation tends to have technical problems with their first batch of consoles. Based on that alone, I would wait a while to get one.

    Both systems will have good games. What system you would like may depend on what type of games you prefer. Playstation tends to publish more RPG's and adult oriented games, while Nintendo has lots more family and E-rated games.

    If you are concerned with graphics, I think you would be happy with the Xbox 360 -- it has a much nicer price tag than the PS3 and some great games.

    Hope this helps!

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