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What do I do/expect??

My g/f was raped by a close friend about 6 months ago. She has been through consuling and all. She is becoming her normal self again. She has been asking me is I am ok eventhough we haven't had sex and I said yes, I am fine. She says she really wants to have sex. Should I?? How should I expect her to react??(ie- will it remind her of the last guy, will she be freaked out from flashbecks)

I want to do what will help her and she says this will.

Please give me some advice!!

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    Be 100% sure that her saying she wants to have sex with you is for the pleasure you both can have and the pleasure she wants to experience...not because she is afraid of loosing you or thinks that by not having sex with you, that you'll leave her.

    If you feel she really wants to move on then go ahead, don't make a big deal about it or she'll be more conscious of it..go slow and you enjoy yourself as well.

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    I'm sorry your girlfriend has gone through this. I think that if she says that she wants to have sex, you should do it, but maybe go slowly. If she really does want to, she shouldn't react much differently to when you used to have sex before her assault. But if you realise that she's getting upset or anything like that, then you should stop.

    I think six months is quite a long time, so since she is going back to her normal self, you should be fine.

    Try not to worry too much. :)

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    Do not have sex with her. This is a symptom of a much bigger problem and there has not been enough counseling. She will fasten on to you and your will become her saviour.

    Had a friend who went through this with his GF and it was horrible.

    You will only regret what you do if you do not let her heal on her own. Support her but no sex

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    only she truly knows what she feels and I'm sure if shes your girlfriend that you will notice if something is not right. just go for it unless you notice something then make sure she is not just trying to convinve herself that she isn't still bothered by what happened. comfort her, but if she seems to be coping with the situation then great. good luck and sorry to hear that, that happened.

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    If you have sex with her let her lead and you follow if she can't go through with it, back off and give her more time.

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