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what would you do if your friend buys you present that you didn't like , but you don't know how to tell her?

ok so on my brithday my friend brougth me 2 DVD's and i am a really active person so i can't sit still and watch a movie . so therefore i don't like DVD's (my friend really like DVD's and has a collection there fore she assumes that i like them too, i tolsd her once that i don't like DVD's but she didn't listen to me ). so i thanked my friend and told her they were great because i was trying to be nice . now yesterday she told me that she already brought me a DVD for my christmas present so since she brought it alreday it would be really bad of me to tell her that i don't like DVD's so what do i do ? and another thing is that she never includes gift recepits so i can't return them .

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    well if shes a really good friend she should know u well enough to know ur likes and dislikes....but if shes not that kinda friend then u should just tell her that ur not really into movies cause ur never in long enough to watch them. maybe she can give ur gift to someone else. if that doesn't work, don't take the DVD out the wrapper and either take it back to the shop (if u know where it was bought!) or give it back to her on her next birthday! surely she will get the hint. lol

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    Accept your gifts graciously and be thankful you have a friend that cares enough to buy you a gift. Keep the DVDs. You can save them for a rainy day. One of these days you may be down and not be able to be too active to take in a good movie. It does get boring when you are shut in and being use to being active. Then the movies will come in handy.

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    well i would except the ones that she gave u and thenone that she is givingu for christamas and then a little while after that remember to tell her that u dont really like sitting down to watch dvds and stuff...and maybe tell her a few times so she will get it into her head. and then maybe let her no again when there is an event where she will get u a gift

    hopefully u wont get anymore dvds

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    you have to tell her that you dont really ave time to watch dvd so she can maybe return it and get something better. if u dont u might be getting dvd for the rest of the friendship

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    How shallow.

    Of you not her.

    Be happy that she loves you enough to get you anything.

    Obviously You have a DVD player. Or she wouldn't get you one. Get rid of the player and you won't get DVDs'

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    why don't you just be honest with her? tell her you don't mean to be rude or ungrateful but you don't have time to watch movies. tell her the ones she bought you already were great but you don't really have time to watch more. ask her if she could include the reciet so you can return them and get her money back.

    good luck :)

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    lol, well you just have to tell her that you don't like movies. If she is your friend she will respect that and get you something else next time, in the meantime just take it and let your family enjoy them.

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    I think you sort of misunderstand the nature of gift giving.

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    i would just tell her that you don't like movies that much and explain why. i'm sure that she would understand.

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    shut up and pretend you like it or tell him or her and get in a fight with them.

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