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female dog pregnancy in fourth week?

shes eating less, is this normal and what else can I expect? Please no harsh comments Im new at this and I acquired this dog not knowing shes pregnant.


Im having an ultra sound done in 2 weeks. But I will take her back to the vet if you all think its nessasary

Update 2:

Oh ok I will start her on puppy food, and no its NOT signifacny less. But she was eating me out of house and home a couple of weeks ago.

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    eatting less is not normal- they should be eating more to feed all of the growing pups.

    If she was eating you out of house and home since you got her (you said she was pregnant, so you must have had her less than a month), it could also just be a behavior change. Possibly she wasn't allowed food all of the time before, or had to trust that you would always give her food. If you didn't have her before she was pregnant, she may still be eating more now than before pregnancy, but there is no way of telling.

    Make sure she stays active and lean. If she gets too skinny (or obese) then you should worry. If she is eating less and not getting too skinny, you should be fine, as long as her behavior is not changing (lethargy, in particular), other than maternal instinct type habits.

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    Eating less? It could depend if you changed her food(better foods, and better PUPPY foods(which is what she should be on at this point require you to feed less of it to get things out of it).

    If she is eating significantly less and there is no food related issue for it, she might need to be seen by a vet. Something might be going wrong inside her with regards to the pups.

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    Her eating less is normal. I will be nice, my dog just had her first litter, it is VERY confusing. Another thing you should expect would be milk coming out of the glands. It's either 12,24, or 48 hours until she gives birth.Sorry i don't remeber specifics but i want to think it's 12. Good luck and i hope they're all healthy and cute!

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