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soo i need to get flexable for pointe(ballet). What should i do for my left and right split? i have like only 2 1/2 or 3 inches left to get down on my right .....what should i do to make it go down further?

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    As other people have said, stretch daily. To increase flexibility, you really need to stretch every day without fail. One of the best things to do is find a time of day where you're sitting still (reading, watching t.v., something like that) and stretch during that time.

    Try sitting facing a wall and put one foot out to either side, braced against the wall. Push yourself forward so the "V" of your legs widens out and when you feel a stretch, stop and sit there. After 2 minutes, push your butt another inch forward to widen the V. Your goal is to get your stomach flat against the wall.

    If you have a partner, you can stand with your back against a wall and have your partner lift one leg up to the front of you. Have your partner keep lifting the leg until it's at shoulder height and then higher, aiming for putting the leg against the wall over your shoulder.

    Please note, though, that being flexible does NOT mean you're ready to go en pointe. Being flexible is great for lovely high extensions, but to go en pointe you need to have good foot strength and a flexible arch.

    Ask your ballet teacher what it is you need to work on to get en pointe. Chances are she won't say anything about doing full splits because that's just not a prerequisite for good pointe work.

    Which isn't to say that flexibility isn't a good goal, just make sure you're working on something that will actually get you en pointe.

    Hope this helps

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    A lot of people come on here and say to stretch. While that is true, don't immediately just go off and start stretching. There is a proper way to do it. (Yes, many people do it wrong and not much really happens, but you might as well do it correctly.)

    First of all, loosen your joints a little. Start with your back and chest, and loosen up your wrists and fingers, shoulders, then your neck, then down to your ankles and toes.

    Know that popping sound? Usually happens if you don't release a few joint fluids (nice term right?) before putting it in motion. And if you do any jumping or anything with stress on your knees, pay attention to this step because I have heard cracks around there and it loosens your knee caps, very bad.

    Anyway, then you should warm up your muscles for at least 5 minutes. I like to dance to music to warm up, you don't need to jump rope or run around to warm up.

    Now, you can stretch! But remember the order to go in: Back, Chest, Arms, Neck, Legs

    I believe that's right, and there are certain muscles to stretch first like calves before hamstrings but you can read more at the site below.

    One more thing: You need time, determination, and patience! Some people take much longer than others to show improvement, but don't worry it'll come with time. Also, don't be so desperate that you stretch everyday, stretching literally is destroying your muscles in a way so it grows back longer and it should be given a day to heal. (You won't lose your flexibility when it heals.)

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    Stretch daily. And mix up your stretches so that your muscles don't get to used to the routine. Make sure you work on barre stretches too. They'll help a lot. And talk to your teacher about excercises. She'll know what will work best for you.

    Source(s): Eleven years of dance
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    stretch and then stit in the split for about a minute maybe minute and a half every day

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    - stretch daily

    - stretch both sides

    - all types of stretches so that your whole body is stretched out

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