Son Has Severe Anger Issues, He's 19, She's 18 yr old. He's Abusive To Her. I Told Her To Go!?

He was taught to be respectful to females. Never to hit them like he would a guy. He came close to going to jail twice already for this. I have tried to explain to him he cannot do this. I refuse to let him live with me as long as they have a relationship. She won't stay away. I advised them to live seperately so they could have their own space. She moved back now has no where to go. Her family is a whole another sad story. I love my children and I am not violent, Their dad had violent tendencies but not like this. What are some realistic suggestions? I'm thinking about trying to talk him into enlisting. But that is a last resort. HELP!


Trust, they don't live with me. BUT, When it came to it he is there for me and his sister and will always be. BUT with her......

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I highly doubt that enlisting will help matters. The military isn't really known for helping peole with bad tempers. He needs counseling NOW. While them breaking up may not be a bad idea, he needs to figure out what's inside of him that causes this anger to come out in such a way so that in other future relationships (with ehr or not) it doesn't get bad. There are often classes for anger amangement and abuse that are free or cheap to participants.

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    Ones this kind of situations start in a relationship is more likely to fail, since he started to be abusive the respect was gone. A realistic suggestion would be to stop the livin' together, because is not only destroyin' them but your family too and then get him some counseling, most of the time those help. Her own story must be sad but you have problems of your own now to try to solve yours and others too. As I said, once there's violence it will continue, there's no respect not even for you the parents, you need this situation out of your house, enlisting him would give you just another worried, try to get him some help with counseling too.

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