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Will a few drops of lemon help get RID of these SKIN DISCOLORATIONS left by acne :)?

If I take a Q-tip, absorb some lemon juice on it and apply on the skin discolorations/blemishes left by acne and leave it overnight, will I start seeing results soon?

If that won't work - what will? I've had this problem for about a month now and really need your help. Thanks in advance. :)

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    Use a mortar and pestle (or anything you have around the house that would work well like a heavy bottle and a durable ziplock bag) to crush asprin tablets into a powder, then add just a little bit of water to make the powder into a thick paste. If you apply this paste where needed with a q-tip and let it sit overnight or for a couple hours, it will greatly reduce and usually get rid of redness entirely.

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    Instead of going for neutrogena or the proactive one, there is one effective treatment. But you have to be patient, the best part is it doesnt have any side effects and not only that it removes acne problems permanantly. Try homeopathic treatment. I have tried and it was succesful for me. Now im using another homeopathic ointment for my burns on my leg. ITs really good and i recommend it. If you want to know more about it or read some reviews or something before buying it , go to this blog : This will help you. Bye and all the best.

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    It will work

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  • yes, but only a little drop in areas that have alot, then spead it around. it wil stink a little bit, but when it does, stop!!

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