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I am looking for a suitable show name for my horse.?

I call him Gideon or Gid for short and he is 16.1 almost 16.2 hh and is a chestnut white paint thoroughbred. He is a sweet heart. He is my biggest love and joy. So if you have any suggestions i would love to hear them. Thanks oodles.

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    Giddyup Gideon! I dn I also like Sir Gideon the Great

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    Gideon the Gallant

    Spirit of Gideon

    Glory of Gideon

    Gideon's Glory

    Hail to Gideon

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    1 decade ago

    Golden Gideon

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    Gideon the Great, but honestly what is wrong with just Gideon...I think it's a cute name? What are the specifications of a show name...I never knew there were any....

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    "Grandeur of Gideon" (regal name)

    "Gideon of Wild Guiles" (fun-loving)

    "Gideon of the Gilded Hoof" (winning predisposition)

    "Flight-footed Gideon" (likes to run)

    "Sir Gideon of the Autumn Eaves" (because of his chestnut markings)

    "Sir Gideon" (simple regal name)

    "Sir Gideon White Knight" (regal name pertaining to loyalty)

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    How about Gallant Gideon of [Your Hometown]?

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    Show horse name: Ricky Lightning

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  • Lord Gideon

    (its very formal and elegant!)

    Hope ya like it!

    ; )

    Hope he wins!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Grid is a cool name or Blink i dont know why i have just always been drawn to those names!!

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