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Saltwater Aquarium Algae problem ???

hi i have 20 gallon saltwater aquarium and i have a big problem with this purpleish dark violet colored algae on my live rock and on the sand and also on the aquarium sides WHAT IS THIS HOW CAN I GET RID OF IT ? i got a sea hare and it died on me i have had no luck with these sea hares any other advice ????

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    The algae may be cyano-bacteria. It usually means that your water has too much nitrates. Do small water changes using an air hose to suck it all up. It will take many water changes to get it under control. Do about a 5-10% w/c every 2 days until it is under control. Better lighting can help, but in a small tank the water changes are necessary.

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    My Dad has a salt water fish tank, and I know he's had trouble with that too, but I can't get ahold of him!

    Here's some sites I found tho:

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    increase your water flow also. cut down on feedings, every other day is fine. check your lights, they may be getting old and the spectrum could be off. water changes are also great too, but won't resolve the problem.

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