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How do I explain energy in a golf swing? What is the correlation of power, mass and swing speed?

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    force= acceleration *mass


    energy = power * time

    In a golf swing:

    mass=body+club head

    speed= acceleration at point of contact:created by hip turn +wrist lag

    Energy transfer to the ball has to do with all those combined, The better the contact w/ the ball the longer the contact time and the better the energy transfer.

    Tempo is important for creating proper momentum at contact.

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    Why do you have to explain energy are you taking a test. mass isn't talked about much in golf but it relates to distance just like bowling take a 16 pound ball vs a 12 a heavier ball will knock down pins easier with less speed simple. mass in golf isn't in pounds its in grams but can make a huge difference in ball speed. swing speed applied with mass equals maximum distance when you hit he ball flush off the tee. There are many other variables that create clubhead speed in the golf swing they are related to players technique basically the backswing stores energy the downswing releases it good players release all of the swings potential energy at the right time hence they have great timing. The shaft creates a whip effect about 3/4 of the way in the downswing with great timing a good shaft a large head with good mass all equals maximum distance with correct launch angle and low spin im referring to the driver getting distance with irons has to do with the surface your hitting off of. all of the above

    applies to irons to but hard surfaces coming into contact with the head and ball create a rock and hard place effect for piercing launch and xtra distance hope this helps man.

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    i will attempt to answer from diverse element. a million. The club you employ relies upon very much on how nicely you swing the club. This additionally relies upon on your swing velocity and extra. you need to evaluate the shafts, components and extra once you decide on a set of golf equipment. a physically powerful set of golf equipment must be measured and desperate by making use of your swing and your convenience ingredient. 2. this style of ball you employ to golfing would be desperate by making use of the form you swing the golf equipment additionally. you would be able to desire to confirm the climate and direction circumstances too. those issues additionally will make a difference with this style of ball you decide on and getting the main distance out of your shot. 3. Your stance, your weight shift, your swing, wrists, shoulders. stability the situation. shop practising 4. there are a number of components on your swing and while you're lacking distance you would be able to desire to verify the form you're strengthen and shifting the capacity to the ball on impact. precis: you're making use of the incorrect style of ball or club, or in simple terms would desire to straighten out your slice. you're able to do those issues once you recognize which components to seek for.

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    luckily Einstein answered this one:


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