How do I stop my toolbars from defaulting when i close Mozilla Firefox 2?

i customize the tool bars. i add the new tab, new window buttons, etc.

But when i close the window and open it again, everything is restored to the default.

How do i keep my settings?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    TRY 4 below first..

    1 Try update in Tools/addons

    version seems to be latest.

    2. In Yahoo ToolBar:

    Click on the extreme left of the toolbar

    the down arrow near the pencil

    After you edit your preferences click

    finished. Then click refresh toolbar

    to see the changes you made.

    3. for more help.

    4. As default ,all buttons appear. if you are not logged in

    You have to log in

    and then click refresh TB as above.

    Source(s): Yahoo
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