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Do many women cheat and when you di how do you act when you around you boyfriend?

I have always been worried aboout getting cheated on even though i was never cheated on. I was wondering if many women cheat and when you do do you act differently around you boyfriend of can you play it off no problem?

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    Probably for the same reasons a guy cheats.

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    Honestly, i was a wicked cheater on my, he was my 11th partner, and my next boyfriend was my 22nd. 2.5 years, i cheated alot. He never knew. I would tell him where i was going, to a guys house, whatever, and he would say okay because he trusted me. I never had any problem playing it off.

    Im not proud of what ive done, let me say that. It took alot of arguments, but my ex and i are now fairly good friends. And you know, thats how it was supposed to be. If i had stayed with him, i would have kept cheating. Lots of women cheat, i think more women than men, honestly. Hope that helped some...

  • Cathy
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    Depends on the girl.....I used to cheat until I lost my first love and all of my female friends that I know have cheated at least once. Some girls act different around their boyfriend depending on how intense the affair is. But if its just a fling or something of that matter....then they won't act differnt. Females rarely get caught.

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    Don't be afraid of being cheated on; just do your best for your relationship and talk to her about trust; and how you will react to dishonesty. Then live your life knowing that if she chooses to cheat, it's because she wants to and doesn't want you anymore.

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