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English horse jumpers only please...?

After I take my horse over a jump, he quickly turns his backend around so he is facing the jump again and then rears. I dont have a clue to what this means.... It's so confusing. He is a great horse and never rears exept for when I jump him. I have never heard of a horse doing this before exept for him. What do I do??

Thanks for your time!

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    This sounds like pain related. Because horses are fight or flight animals so maybe your horse thinks the jump is hurting him so he wants to fight it.

    Have you ever let him free jump. Put him in an arena and ask him to jump a little jump and see what he does. If he does the same thing its not you or the saddle. But if not then check ur saddle and see if it fits him. Check the bit. Then check yourself, you may be doing something he doesn't like. Like someone else said have someone video tape you. Maybe even get a trainer to jump him for you. And see if he does it to the trainer too.

    Things to keep in mind:

    Has the horse always done this? Are the fences too high for him? Does the jump have something scary under or around it? Is the horse in any pain? What could be causing any discomfort?

    I hope this helped.

    Good Luck

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    It sounds like it may be pain related. I'm no expert but maybe don't jump him for a while incase it is injury related. Maybe your getting too far in front of him, or ahead of him when jumping. Sit back a little? I dn but definitly get him checked out. WHat did your trainer say? If he is just being a brat push him forward and make him ride away from the jump so that he doesnt have the chance to rear and turn around.

    Source(s): Just me, but please check this out with your trainer and vet before taking anyones comments
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    I agree this may be a pain response. First off, have your vet do a thorough physical exam, make sure there isn't any leg, neck, or back pain and that the bit is fitting proper. Then have a good trainer check over your tack and make sure that is fitting properly and not causing him to get "goosy".

    You might also want to have someone video tape you when you are jumping him and go over it with your trainer to make sure it isn't something you are inadvertently doing.

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    my friend had a horse that did this. the problem was that he was sore and she jumped him without knowing and he realted the jump as being hte cause for his discomfort. he maybe scared or nervous and turns to face the jump in stead of turning his back. hope you figure it out.

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    sounds like you have somthing that isn't fitting your horse right, have you checked your saddle and girth fit? checked his teeth? his bridle and bit? have you checked his back and hocks for soreness or arthritis? check his front feet for soreness? after all this has been checked and he is ok then I would get a trainer and help out with this problem. this can be very dangerous. good luck and hope this helps

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    wow...that's really odd......

    go back to poles....then move up again slowly...........

    you may need to see an instructor

    are you sure you aren't catching his mouth as you jump.......if you think you might be jump with the reins a tad loose and grab mane....that way you will pull on his mane instead of his mouth.

    good luck....

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    im thinking its a pain response too try a thicker pad or a new saddle.... also try different types of pads...

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