What do you know about guardian angels?

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    everyone is born with a gurdian angel as far I know.

    If you're interested in angels, this author is very well respected & well known, I'd suggest this book if you are a beginner:

    I think you'd enjoy her books. it tells you all about guardian angels, archangels & different angels for different things ;& how they can help us with any problem.

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    Guardian angles are there to do as the name says: guard and look over you. I think that they can be alive or actual angels from heaven. They help you in tough times or help you make decisions. Sometimes they're just there to lend a shoulder to cry on or a hug. They love oyu and even if you never meet them, they know that you're glad that they're there.

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    Well, I know that most people are assigned a gaurdion angel, to protect and guide them throughout life. They're Destinity, Hope, Sadness and basically everything that is you. They will watch over you as you tackle things like heartbreak, death of a loved one etc. and they're there to make sure that at the end of every bad road there's a good turn, but they can't meddle with destinity and fate although they are it. Rather confusing.

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    I know they are real. There was a time in my life when I was being ripped and torn apart for what I am, no I am not a lesbian; I'm obedient and for a woman to be that in this day and age, well, you get made fun of, the ones making fun of me were my mom and sister. Once because of my sister an ex (she'd told him I had been gang banged and I let them do that to me, because I believed I was being obedient - yeah sure - that's a laugh)literally ordered me to dance with this creep, giving me no choice but to do as I was told, he told my sister to do the same thing and she made a deal with him, and had I made a deal with him I most likely would have got the beating of my life, because he wanted to teach me that obedience isn't a game.

    I at first could not believe he could ever tell me to do such a thing, I just sat there for the first five minutes in shock; at which time I heard this voice telling me to do as I was told and everything would turn out fine. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that ex had in mind, yes you guessed I was to have sex with him. So I danced with him and he got no sex either, he tried to kiss me and I turned my face so he ended up kissing my cheek.

    During that entire time, and it lasted for months people made fun of me, most women would have asked why and even those who claimed to be obedient would have asked why; I didn't, I just couldn't find it in myself to ask. During that time that guardian angel told me that things were going to get even rougher, during which he adviced me that I have to be patient, and they did get rougher, my whole family, it was no longer my mom and my sister making fun of me, but my cousins as well. I still said nothing and I still asked no questions. It took some time, people soon learnt ; especially, that ex that I am for real. Had it not been for that guardian angel I have no idea where I would be.

    What else did I shockingly learn is that my sister at the time was engaged to my ex and people had told my mom it was her job to tell me if my sister refused to, well my mom's exact words were,

    "Why in the hell should I tell her? Let her learn that damn hard way not to mess around with men that don't belong to her; then to boot she knew that my sister arranged for that ex and I to get back together.

    Yes I do believe in them and that is what I know about them, they not always be there, yet when you need them most they come on the triple.

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    That they are with you to help you maintain your faith and to help you make better decision and in many cases to protect you. But only if you are willing to listen......... And that is the one area where many people go wrong and that is when their guardian angel starts spending less and less time with them.......... And no one should be in favor of that happening to them......................... But the will of Satan is strong and all to many people believe that being evil is more fun and that is Way it is written that if it was not for God's intervention in the lives of mankind no flesh would be left alive................................................

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    They watch out for you and keep you from getting hurt.

    My cousin thinks that her guardian angel is this kid from our school who she sees almost everywhere we go. Not cause he is stalking her...its just coincidence. But she thinks that one day he will help her or she will help him.

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    I think mine's on holiday

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