I'm doing an Edgar Allan Poe Project. need help?

Alright, well I have to do an Edgar Allan poe project. I need to do like A-Z Of him. I have to find each letter of the alphabet on him/ his work. I know theres a lot of information on him but

I can't find anything for letters H I K O Q X Y Z. Help would be amazing : ]

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    House of Usher

    Interested in several women in his later years.

    Kennedy (John P) helped Poe place some of his stories after reading "The Manuscript Found in a Bottle."

    Oscar Wilde was an influence.

    Quiet and quirky (personality).

    HuXley (Aldous) considered Poe to be the embodiment of vulgarity in literature.

    FYodor DostoevskY called Poe "an enormously talented writer".

    NietZsche refers to Poe in his masterpiece Beyond Good and Evil,

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    H I K O Q X Y Z

    Helped Several Newspapers and Magazines

    Involved in Military

    Killed by diabetes

    Orphaned as a child (father just disappeared)

    Quit West Point because Adopted Father made him


    Yearned to be an amazing Author


    and I can't think of any x or z


    I hope I helped though!

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    H= The Fall of the HOUSE of Usher (long shot there)

    I= Incest (married his cousin, not sure if you could use this) or the Imp of the Perverse-1845

    K=King Pest-1835

    O= Opium addict





    The last 4 are yours. Hope this helps a little.

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    gothic, death, eerie darkness. The Black Cat is when he kills a cat that is black. Can use the color black represent death. Tell tale heart is of killing a person The raven is about a person being paranoid of somebody being at the house when there is nobody other than that the raven cries Nevermore. The Father of Gothic stories. Best I can come up for. Poe is the best, I love his works.

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    H=say he wrote HORROR type books

    I=INSANE because most of the carecters were insane

    Y=most of the carecters YEREND to do things

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