I have been having chest pain .It hurts really bad. What can it be?

It is a squeezing, tightening in the middle of my chest. It spreads from shoulder to shoulder. I've seen doctor after doctor after doctor. They say it's indigestion I take the medication for it, and it still does not go away!!! I tel them this and they say "we dont knwo" and give me a script for tylenol with codeine. Today I had such a bad episode I thought i was having a heart attack! I've gotten EKG tests done, and all have come back negative. This is painful please help!!!

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    Yikes! See a new doctor!

    Try to think of when this happens to you, where you were, what you were doing, what you had eaten or drank before. When you find some common factor it can really help to diagnose it properly.

    I wish you luck.

    BTW It doesnt sound like stress to me. I get similar pains when I inhale cleaners, perfume and other chemical gasses... but yours may be totally different from this.

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    It is more difficult to detect cardiac problems in women than in men and like it or not there are still a lot of doctors out there that do not take women and heart health seriously. Keep looking for a doctor that will keep looking with you. A doctor worth his weight in spit will never give up and say I don't know. He/she should never stop trying and looking for some kind of solution. Anyway, look at anything that you are doing that might make a cardiac or digestive problem worse. Don't smoke, drink alcohol, eat foods too high in fat.....You know all that stuff. Also, I had terrible chest pains for a long time from indigestion. I finally ended up in an ER for 7 hours before they even looked at me. I was bleeding interally!! I hadn't kept even water down in over 24 hours and before they were going to take me to do some testing they wanted a uring sample. What for I don't know. Anyway, I said look, I haven't had food or water in over a day. There is no way you are getting a urine sample from me. When it was all said and done and I got to go home, I was on Prilosec and Karafate (sp.?) Those two drugs seemed to help a lot. Plus I started eating yogurt every day sometimes twice a day. Yogurt is good for you digestive system. So, the point is, you are your best advocate at this time. Don't quit searching for an answer. It might take a while but don't quit. Good Luck!

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    Sounds like heartburn to me. Have you been watching what you eat? Maybe try smaller portions and stay away from spicy foods. I am sure it is very frustrating for you, but don't give up. How many tests, if any, have they ran??? Keep on trying different doctors, unitl you finally find one who can figure it out for you. I see medical shows all the time where people battle diseases for years while doctor after doctor tells them there is nothing wrong, until one day all of the symptoms ring a bell in someone's head.

    Good Luck!!!

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    You might want to elevate the head of your bed if you have not already done so. Not using pillows to prop yourself up, because that just aggravates your indigestion by bending your torso and cramping your stomach.

    In addition, you might want to try some stress relieving exercises you can do at home. I found some good ones here: http://stress.about.com/

    If you feel you are not satisfied with your doctor's answers to your questions, I would get another opinion from a doctor who is not in the same practice with your current physician.

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    i'm a sprint over ten years your senior, yet I easily have an analogous undertaking. In my case, it comes from undesirable posture (slouching can quite **** up your ribs, it seems) and absence of calcium (additionally a bone ******-larger.) even with the undeniable fact that, i'm no longer a doctor, and it may be irresponsible of me to purpose and diagnose you, no longer to point over the internet. you are able to desire to work out your physician asap. Chest discomfort isn't something to fool around with.

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    it could be that youre just focusing on it so much and getting worked up that you're talking yourself into it. If you have seen a bunch of doctors are you folllowing all their advice. try relaxing it sounds like you have anxiety more than anything.

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    You're under a lot of stress. Not only that, but you're stressing yourself out more by worrying about it. Chances are you don't realize how much stress you're under, and your body is trying to tell you.

    Basically, calm down, and it should get better.

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    #1...have them check you for gallstones AND gall bladder disease.

    #2...Have them check you for arthritis. My mom (who does have heart problems) went into the ER a couple of times with severe chest pains before they discovered she had arthritis in her ribcage.

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