My Crush is one of my good friends. He says that he likes me a lot, but he has a girlfriend. What should I do?

-I asked him out and he said that he didn't a girlfriend right now, but really liked me

-He went out with his girlfriend of now about a week after I asked him out

- he flirts with me

-I talk to him a lot and in our conversations he says he doesn't really like his girlfriend a lot

-He likes tlaking to me, anytime he gets a chance to

-He gave me his number

-in the hall he smiles and says hi a lot

-he seems to be everywhere i am, and sits next to me when his gf isn't around

I JUST REALLY LIKE HIM!!......and i wanna go out with him.....

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    Sorry sweetheart, he's playing with you. Guys who don't have abnormal religious convictions, oppressive parents or aren't fresh out of a bad relationship never just "don't want a girlfriend right now." As cruel and misleading as it is, what this really means is "I don't want to go out with YOU right now." Be wary that you're overanalyzing the situation: does he really talk to you EVERY chance he gets, or does it just feel like it? Is he flirting with you, or just making conversation? You two are supposedly good friends, is this anything different than what would usually occur, or does it just feel that way because you like him? If he really liked you as much as he says he does, why wouldn't he have gone out with you when you asked? P.S. - He likes his girlfriend plenty despite what he says - why would he date her if he didn't? This is something he's simply saying to spark your interest and string you along, and in any case, what kind of jerk talks bad about his girlfriend behind her back? Finally, for any guy with a girlfriend, the answer is plain and simple: he's off limits. No matter how much he says he likes you, he's taken, and in the event he'd leave his current girlfriend so easily to go out with you, who says he wouldn't do the same to you down the road for his next flavor of the week? As hard as it is to get over someone, ask yourself: do you really still like this guy, or do you just like him because he's feigning interest in you? Move onto someone else, because this guy's a total jerk in relationships.

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    If this guy really likes you then he would be with u right now not with other girl .. If has a gf then you should leave him alone. Don't forget there is another person involved in this relationship and might end up getting hurt for no fault of their own.. If he claims to be unhappy with his gf then he should let her go.. To me he sounds like a player.. If he is honest about his feelings towards u then he should prove it to you by being with you.. not cheating on his current gf. I'm sure u would'nt want to be his second choice. Good luck

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    He doesn't really like his girlfriend so, try to make him see he's better off with you and not her. This might give you a permenant enemy but hey if the guy is really what you want then go for it.I had a serious crush on one of my close friends and he told me he's on the verge of going out with someone else so it can't be. I mean then I had to work towards just thinking of him like a friend. If i knew he liked me and wanted to be with me instead of that girl i would make things work. Oh... yeah and he still flirts with me, that's the way he is

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    He seems to be very interested in you.But he's cheating on his gf by flirting with you.He may soon break up with her.But do you really trust him?,he's playing around with you without breaking up with his gf.Chances are good that he may flirt with other females when you are not around.If he can dump his gf for you,he can also dump you for some other female.

    I dont trust a man who hasnt broke up with his current gf and flirts with other females.Doesnt look good.

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    im in almost the exact same sitch! he definitely likes u, but he may have a hard time saying no to his gf, or he might be nervous. give him some time, and maybe drop the hint that youre upset when hes with his gf

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    seems like a flirt and likes jumping off to the next better thing. what makes you think he won't do the same to you and go off to another girl when he finds someone more interesting/attractive? his feelings for you might not be real

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    It sounds to me that he is running a game on his girlfriend with you by giving you his number and "sneaking around with you" on the side, when his girl is not around. If he will sneak around on the girl he is attached to now, what do you think he will do when you get to be his number one? This guy is not ready to be steady with any one girl. Wake up and smell the coffee!

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    Try to make him jealous...flirt and hang around other guys...if that doesn't work, find someone new! Good Luck!

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    He is off limits since he needs 2 break up wit his gurlfrend if he don't lik her and is emotionally cheating wit u and he'll do dat wit some1 else if he's wit u so....I wouldn't be wit him

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    go off with someone else!if he really does like ya like tat then he will get jealous and will break up with his girlfriend!

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