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How many meals should we eat a day and when?

What kind of food should I eat in each meal if I want to lose about 20lb by jan.6

(for wrestling tournament)

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    1. drink a gallon of water a day

    2. look into hydrating drinks you can buy "hydrating c & place it in any drink! You choose what is best for you.

    3. know that sugar & salt stimulate fatty tissue.

    there are good sugar & good salt. to distribute the difference is by making it a habit to read labels & know that you want avoid high volumes of "sodium content"(bad salts) white sugar /the best natural sugar substitute is "stevia" i left a link for you to quickly look over.

    4. cut out your carbs ( bread, white rice, pasta, processed foods containing starch )for future reference there are good carbs go to link six pack now for list of good carbs

    1. meat, cheeses (cream cheese) vegetables, peanut butter, sugar free jelly

    2. you need to create your own menu that you can enjoy.

    3. if you want for me to help you create a menu e-mail me send me a list of foods you don't like & what are your favorite dishes & maybe we can improvise. the choice is yours. i know i did not give you exactly what you were asking for but i do hope i gave you enough to have an option.

    before i had my 3 boys i weighed 114lbs 5' 4.exercised watched what i ate loved to ride my mountain bike. by the time i had my third son i maintained my 180lbs. for 2 years. I had to do the low carb diet because my two boys have Autism & to find time to exercise had not been an option . i had gone from a size 14 to a size 5 , i began jan1 & met my goal by aug1. if you are already active & your male I will assure you that you will loose the 20lbs by your goal date. do not take laxitives & other types of drugs to loose the weight. this will deplete you of energy , muscle lose.etc... good luck & God bless

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    20 pounds is too much to lose that fast for a tournament. You will lose fluids and muscle mass and not be as strong in competition. A better plan is to train for a different weight class so you don't have to lose quite so much weight. You will need to be at peak strength to perform well, so be sure to eat lean meats, whole grain carbs and keep the sugar to a minimum.

    Six small meals a day is a good general guide. The composition of each meal really depends on your training schedule. Keep in mind that carbs digest the fastest, then protein and fats are slowest.

    For specific diet plans, consult a sports nutritionist or dietitian.

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    Try following the "caveman diet". It is where you eat things in their purest form possible. Granted milk you can't do much about and is so important for all people, especially active people. For example when I tried it I ate: an apple and a few nuts and a glass of fresh orange juice and a glass of milk. I would drink my first glass of water right away when I woke up. For dinner I would eat grilled lowfat meat, some sliced tomatoes and some sliced cucumbers. For a snack I would have some sliced fruit and milk. and so on and so on. I got all the calories in by the end of the day that I needed and all the nutrients from fruits, veggies, lean meat, nuts, milk, and water. Whole grain was difficult. For that I broke the rules and ate a couple of slices of whole grain bread plain that was also low cal. I lost 25 pounds in a little over 6 weeks. I also walked faithfully every day at least 4-6 miles.

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    I don't think it will happen. 20 lbs is a lot of weight, but if you really want to try, here are my suggestions for success. Drink a crap load of water, it keeps your stomach full and you won't feel so hungry all the time. And don't eat after 4:00, if you eat before you go to sleep, the food stores as fat since you don't have any time to work off the calories. Stay away from fast food. Good luck, don't hurt yourself

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    4, 5, or 6 times a day, small amount than usual is the best. the 3 times a day routine seems normal, but more multiple meals are best. Eat anytime you're hungry. I realized the work place don't allow it . But you still have your breaks. good enough, no?

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    it truly is weird and wonderful examining a number of your comments right here. enable's set the list instantly a minimum of from the way I see it besides. ingesting one meal an afternoon doesn't propose starving some thing of the day. it is what ingesting one meal an afternoon skill to me. At breakfast, i'd have an apple and a cup of eco-friendly or mint tea. Mid morning i'd have an orange fruit or banana or perhaps with fruit i hit upon contained in the refrigerator or a small handful of nuts. At lunch, i'd have some protein and espresso cabs, so as which skill grilled chicken or oven baked chicken and vegetables or salad. it may also be rice and vegetable risotto, pasta in tomato and tuna sauce, Lentils and so on... After some hours i'd have a fruit salad and then to finish the day, i'd drink a tumbler of milk (soya milk or rice milk, or oats milk) and that is my day carried out. i am going to also sneak in some low-fats biscuits too or some grams of chocolate or perchance a low-fats yoghurt, if i'm no longer satisfied. So technically i'm ingesting one meal plus 4 snacks/small foodstuff, which will keep my metabolic cost operating around the clock. particular you get some starvation pangs yet no longer some thing a cup of tea of water can't ascertain. also that is a large idea to maintain busy in the course of the day precise up till bedtime. I got here up with this weightloss plan style after the Easter after binging on a large number of chocolate and pastry etc (Quiche, i recognize quiche). earlier that I actually have continuously watched my weight, which skill ingesting sensibly, yet for some reason this Easter, I enable myself flow for type of per week/2 weeks.(earlier Easter and through Easter destroy).. i'm in effortless words going to proceed this for type of per week and that could be me carried out. the thanks to adhere to a weightloss plan for lengthy time period era is to have a pragmatic weightloss plan, some thing you may stay with for decades or perhaps for some thing of your lifestyles, this suggests component administration and ingesting sparkling. (this isn't continuously undemanding, i recognize) sturdy success adult men.

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    Eggs:Breakfast Sandwhich: Lunch Nothing : Dinner

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    6-8 small meals

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    3 main meals and little i mean little snacks in between,

    you should not lose lbs that fast u well gain it back. lose 2-3 lbs a week and it well stay off

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    wow good luck. eat what you want. my cousin eats 6 meals a day.

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