My friend is looking for his real dad. Does anyone know a FREE website on how to find someone???

Well my friend is 16 and he just found out that his dad isn't his real dad. Well now he wants to find his real dad but he doesn't wanna anyone to know about it but me. He doesn't got any cash so we need some free help. Does anyone know a website that could help us???

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    From Bob Rankin, Tour Bus

    Whenever people ask me this question, I tell them about my favorite name, phone and address search tool -- Infospace. At the InfoSpace home page, click on White Pages then you can key in the last name, first name, city and state to start your search for someone in the USA. Here's are some helpful tips to speed up your InfoSpace searching:

    Don't enter a first name, or try using just a first initial. The person may be listed under a nickname or a spouse's name.

    If a very specific search fails, try leaving one or more of the fields blank.

    If you're after someone outside the USA, Infospace also has listings for Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and a page with links to other phone directories around the world. Click on "World Directories" at the Infospace home page to get there

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    I grews up with out any father my dad di not want my sister and I. I tink it is best that instead of doing this that your friend sits down with his/her mom and talk with her about what is going on i think that if she is anything of a mom she would be open and honest!

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    I would let someone like Maury of Dr. Phil to help him out becuz they are the bez when it comes to finding lost family members

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