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I have a question regarding American censorship...?


Why do people think graphic sex/violence on TV is a-ok but then get offended by someone's nude body? Promiscuity is dirty. Slaughter is dirty. Nudity ISN’T dirty, and there’s nothing immoral about it. It’s just a body. Sin is doing, not being, and nudity is just being. A person who gets offended by a lady breastfeeding her child in public is just a damn tightwad and it’s based on no morals whatsoever. To me, if someone’s offense is based on morals then it’s reasonable but if it’s offense that’s not based on morals then they’re just a prude that should look for real problems. I hate political correctness-it’s so hypocritical, random and senseless.

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    Yes, the yanks are really Type A when it comes to nudity stemming from the puritan laws that were in force during the stealing of the land in New England. A city in southern California has banned the local shadow cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show from performing the bedroom scenes in the theatre because it simulates a sexual act, but they can simulate all of the killings with no problem.

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    wow, you have such a conversational outlook on life, i completely agree.

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