Conflicting Network SSID?

Hi, I am having trouble connecting to a wireless network at my friend's place. There are several other wireless networks in the area, and one with the same SSID as that of my friend's. So, when I try to connect to my friend's network, it kicks me off after a few seconds, and connects me to the other network with the same SSID instead. Or, sometimes, windows claims to be connected to my friend's network, but it's actually connected to the other one. I know this because my friend's router is 802.11b standard, whereas the other one is 802.11g. Can anyone help please?


We can't change the SSID because my friend's father doesn't want to. Also, the rest of the family don't seem to have a problem connecting.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It might help to tell your friend's dad that, if you are connecting to the other person's network, they could easily be connecting to your friend's network. Your friend's father should be more concerned about the security risk of someone else accessing their network. They really need to change their SSID (and implement wireless encryption, by the way)

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    You should change the SSID so that it is unique. Then go into your wireless setup and configure your friend's connection is a preferred connection and set your wireless to connect to preferred networks only.

    Duplicate default SSIDs are a sign of clueless newbies. Change it to a unique SSID. There's no other way to handle it. And there is NO good reason not to!

    Source(s): Network engineer.
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    1 decade ago

    Why doesn't your friend just change his SSID to something else?

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    1 decade ago

    go into the routers config and change the ssid ... its pretty simple ...

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