i need to buy a bass guitar with two pickups so i get more tonal variations which on should i go for?

i had fender standard precision bass in my mind but its just got one split coil pickup can any users let me know about its tonal abilites?

if the standard precision bass has the got tonal variation i need ill go for it or ill have look out for other brands/models

given the fact that fender makes the best basses......??

i cannot spend more than 500$ and as i live in india many lesser known brands may not be available here please suggest me some good standard basses from fender yahma aria washburn

or others around less than 450$. i have buy a bass am too...!!!


are multi effets prdals any good?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well my friend, if we're talking in US dollars in, I suggest you save up an additional $59 and you can get the Fender Deluxe P-Bass Special. From what I've read, seen and heard, it has a large variety of tones. It has an additional Jazz pickup behind the bridge and like 3 tone control knobs.


    But keep in mind that the sound will depend greatly on the amplifier you're playing it through.

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    The P-bass special probably is the way to go, but peavy also makes a lot of stuff with doulbe soapbar pickups. Also, I think that G&L makes a couple of really good P-bassy things. (Co. started by Leo Fender) probably makes a better bass then fender even.) Check anything you look at for reviews. Then, look at stuff on ebay or craig's list. see if you can get a deal.


    for your amp- anything that is made by gallion kruger is fantastic, but I tried out a gig-beriniger that kicked ***...

    But for blues I like an old tube marshall, as I get some nice overdrive (distortion) so you can always look around for a tube on ebay.

    Keep in mind that there is little or no reason to buy new.

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    1 decade ago

    I played a P Bass for 5 years.

    1)Neck is a little shorter.

    2)Neck is smaller in Diameter.

    3)Pick ups buzz

    4)The action had to be adjusted

    5)Tuning was an issue too

    I moved to a 5 string Washburn.

    Washburn is good quality for the price...holds tune good.


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    am a fender fan

    i would recomend a fender standard jazz bass

    the standard jazz bass might not give you the heavy bassy sound (it sounds really bright and snappy!)

    now as you are intrested in playing blues/rock music (i kno this coz you told me!!) wait for some experinced bassist to write in.

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