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If you can look at a book with out words?

and just study the pictures 4 a bit less than a minute and then turn around and do the technique.... how good are you.... (no im not talking about me)


a martial arts technique.. like a throw... with spinning...

Update 2:

how am i braggin? i said "im not talkin bout me" i dont even use books man......

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    It mean you are simply good at copying things. I'll bet everything that this person won't be able to pull it off in real life situtation without training and using the technique in sparring repeatly.

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    That's kind of a loaded question. Some people can look at pictures and figure out what the PURPOSE of the technique and CAN pull it off in a fight.

    If you've never trained and you can kinda figure out what's going then that's not too bad because you're actually thinking about what you're doing - but I wouldn't recommend trying it in a fight.

    So that question is asked kinda weird, IMO.

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    I have a hard time looking at just a picture and doing what it shows. Especially if there are no words. I have to watch someone in 3d do the technique. I think that is what you are asking anyways.

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    sounds like your trying to brag. Look at a book and know how to do the technique. wow i could look at any book and do what they say. now doing it under stress and against someone who knows how to fight thats a different thing. maybe it will work against some wuss who cant fight for beans. but come across someone else that technique could put you in a bad position that someone else will take advantage of. so learn from books because you think youre so cool. youll lose against guys who are in the gym practicing what happens when things go wrong.

    gym teaches you how to adapt and overcome and fight out of bad positions. but sounds like you dont know what oure talking about and you only want to impress people so go ahead learn dont be surprised when you get your azz wooped

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    i dont get the question

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