brain aneurysm?

Someone I know is in the hospital with a brain aneurysm someone found her in an elevator at a hotel,the doctors say they relieved the pressure..they drained it..she is in critical often to people recover from this?? I know I shouldn't be asking on here, but there is no one to talk to, and I'm a nervous wreck. Thanks for any info.

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    I had a brain aneurysm 26 years ago, at the age of 21, as the result of accidentally hitting my head on a low beam in a stairwell. I was taken to hospital, but later released as they didn't do a scan and thought I only had a small cut to the forehead. In realty I had fractured my skull above the right ear. A week later I began haemorraging and was again rushed to hospital where I passed out and was operated on immediately. They relieved the pressure by draining, as with your friend. I was apparently in intensive care for about three days; I remember nothing of this. I was left with a hole in my skull; two years later, a titanium plate was placed over the hole as there had not been sufficient bone regrowth. I suffered some loss of sensitivity in the tips of my thumb and index finger, left hand, and the left corner of my mouth, but that's all.

    If your friend was operated on as soon as possible after haemorraging, then I think she should have no serious after effects, even if she is still in intensive care.

    I realise that the situation I have described is not, strictly speaking, an aneurysm, but the result is the same. My father DID have an 'authentic' aneurysm a few years back. He was kept in a completely dark hospital room for days, and eventually the blood clot was reabsorbed. Don't worry. I'm sure your friend will be okay.


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    That's a tough one to answer. Not being a doctor, I think it depends on how long she had been in the elevator before being found. Im sure that age and previous health may come into play and how damaged the brain was from the aneuryism. I hope she gets well soon, but Im sure that she will need extensive therapy.

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