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I got my ears pirced, but the backings wont come off and I've tried everything!?

I'm going to Clairs today, but I've had 7 people try and take them off but nothing is working! Including the oil or alchohal one.

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    If Clairs is the ones who pierced them, let THEM take them off, if not and your mom can't get them out, go to a doctor.

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    By the sounds of things, the backing is just really tight. You know the two loops at the back and hold onto the actual pin of the earring? You will need a pair of pliers(or something a long those lines). Get someone to help you and you will need to pull those two loops away from each other. Those two loops are just really really tight, to even pulling on it slightly with pliers(they give you more grip on the loops), will loosen their hold on the pin of the earring.

    Don't forget that after you take it out, soak your ear in peroxide(to disinfect) and then put in the new earrings.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Got mine pierced recently and took them off this way.
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    It sounds like you have some debris caked on the backs so they are glued to the post. Take a very wet cotton bal that has been soaked in hydrogen peroxide and hold it over the earring back and keep wiping and trying to turn it while it is wet. The peroxide will dissolve it by making it all bubble off.

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    Gads -- they should have told you to "spin" your earrings every day, to make sure that doesn't happen. Anyway....

    Slather neosporin all over the back of your earring back and around that part of your ear. Slimy, yes, but goop it up. Leave the goop there for several hours at least, then see if you can wiggle the earring back off. Should slide off.

    DON'T let anyone just jank it off; skin could come off along with it. :-(

    And once you've got that fixed up and you're ready to put your earrings back in? "Spin" 'em once or twice a day; take the front of the stud and spin it like you'd twist a lid off of a jar. that's move things around a bit and prevent any future sticking. My aunt pierced my ears -- she's a cosmetologist who became a nurse -- and she told me to do that. I had no problems with sticking! Hope that helps! :)

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    how long have you had them pierced for? you arent supposed to take them otu for 6 weeks, if you do before then the holes will close time go to a professional piercer....not some lady at claires who doesnt know what the hell she doing......

    you wouldn know not to use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any pintemenst liek neosporin on yoru ears too......... dont soak your ears in peroxied it will only irritate them further and take them longer to heal, and also dry otu the skin....

    Source(s): research. have 8 piericngs. sont by the PROFESSIONALS
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    okay i had the smae problem okaytrust me! this works and yes i know you think it will be PAINFUL but it wont have a trusted adult or parent which ever you prefure take plyers and pinch the backs and pull it doesent hurt at all thats what i had t do to get them out and it worked good luck!

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    rub a little of vasline on the back to act as a oil agent unless u rather use wd40 and it should come right off

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    well if they are stuck in the skin of your ear, then you may have to go to the hospital but if it just has a strong grip then get someone with fingernails to pull them off or you could use tweezers to pull them off...

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    Go back to claires. They should do it for free

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    What, iv'e never heard of anything like that happening!

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