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How do you feel about income taxes?

Do you believe that everyone should pay a standard percentage or that the rich should pay a higher pecentage? (i.e. income of 2 million would pay 40 percent as oppose to an income of 30 thousand would pay about 10 percent (not sure about this one though))

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    I believe (as did the framers of the constitution) that no one should pay any income tax. Government revenue should come from sales tax and import tariffs.

    When income is taxed, especially at a higher percentage for higher income, those who try the hardest, work the hardest, and risk the most for their incomes are penalized. Why try harder when you are just going to be taxed more heavily if you succeed?

    I'm not in one of the upper income brackets, but I do realize that poor people don't create jobs. Rich people do. Large corporations do. Those who make the most money create wealth, and that means everyone wins. Poor people don't spend the kind of money on goods and services that the rich do, and the volume of trade in goods and services keeps most of us gainfully employed.

    In American history, every time income taxes have been cut, government revenue has gone up AND the economy has prospered.

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    I'm fine with the rich paying a higher percentage of taxes. However I think the IRS should redefine "rich" in this case because it seems like the middle class are actually the ones getting stuck paying the most.

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    Of course the rich should pay a higher percentage. It is the only way we have for remedying the unfairness of capitalism. The rich are rich because they steal from the poor.

    But I agree with Vadalia, the higher rates of tax start too early and they catch me.

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    A flat tax is a least fair. I do not believe that the rich should have to pay more just because they make more. Just me though. The government is out of control spending money they do not have. Taxes are going to be insane in 10-20 years. I say **** the Government.

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    I think that the goverment is ridiculous! We should all pay a standard percentage because it is SOO UNFAIR TO THE RICH!!! They work their assses off and this is how the goverment repays them? By making them pay 40 pecent of their income to them!?!??! That's stealing!!!! Do you think that rich people wake up one morning and have money commin gout of their assss??? I DONT THINK SO!!!! they take risks and give so many people jobs it should be a standard 10 percent of your income to the goverment!!!!!!! the rich aren't treated equallly!!!

    Source(s): my dad ohh, and LISA...i'm 13 and i knew about this since i've been 10..ur so stupid
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    Everyone should pay the same amount of money. We should all be treated equal.

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    IDK!!! im 12

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