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Do you hate a family member?

I truly despise my stepmom, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to hate a real family member.

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    She isn't your real family any way, if she is a bad person,there is no reason to like her, just have to ask yourself is she worth putting up with for your father?

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    I would love to hate certain family members but I grew up in Church. Love and forgive with the help of God.

    Remember, we are suppose to love others as God has loved us. It is hard to do, so start out just showing respect.

    Best of luck.

    P.S. Your stepmom is a real family member.

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    Do yu have reasons to despise her or is it just because she is a stepmom? No, I'd never hate my family; in fact, I dont hate people.

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    do no longer hardship. he's in simple terms you're nephew, he hates you by using fact perhaps he hates his life. If he's barely 15 he will learn his strategies faster or later he continues to be youthful and quickly he will ask for forgiveness or act extra useful for specific. sometimes it particularly is wide-spread to hate a kinfolk member yet no longer at this point, to no longer a youthful 15 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous nephew. i became apprehensive of my uncle yet we became closer over the years by using fact i matured and so will you're nephew, anybody does and his know-how will understand that he loves you and you to him. :)

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    I had a choice I would hate my step mom she convinced my dad to put me in the funny ward because all this guy did was peck me on the lips at the kitchen table. No need to worry about her now; she's dead, her drinking killed her, pancreas ruptured.

    Now a question for me would be does any one in your family hate you?

    My mom and sister.

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    I really despised my first husband because of all the abuse that he put my children and me through. He made my life a living hell. We divorced finally and he died almost 6 years ago.

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    You Should never hate a family member! You can dislike them but never hate them, its sunday lighten up, no offense!

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    Try to forgive her! She is married to your father! Try to communicate with her about what upsets you about her! The more you talk to others and think about the things they will grow more anger!

    I could never hate blood relatives!!!

    I have disliked things about a sister-in-law!

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    I have very hard relationship with my father, I prefer not talking to him. At times I hated him, but now I am just sorry for him.

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    we all hate our family members sometimes... but this feeling eventually fades away. it's just temporary.

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