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Any advice on fat on abs?

Im 16 and 4"9, im 100 lbs. I think my body is healthy and I exercise 8 to 9 hours a week, i play soccer, tennis and i run n exercise at home. My belly is chubby but I do 2 different abs exercises of 3 groups of 15 everyday, i do side bends too. But i dnt find that my belly firms up, theres still a lot of fat left on top of the muscles. I want to know what to do to lose this fat and make my abs flat. Should i diet to remove the extra fat or should i jst exercise? What should i exactly do?

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    it's great that you exercise a lot, but you also have to watch what you eat. Don't go on a diet but try to reduce the amount of sweets, soda and carbs that you eat ( if you do). Also, the only thing that will get rid of the fat is cardio. I have the same problem, except I'm 3 years older than you and like 50lbs heavier, Lol. I know I'm fat. Anway, I talked to a personal trainer and he said you can build abs but the only way to get rid of the layer of fat on top of the muscle is to do cardio/burn fat.

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    Sometimes there isn't much you can do about it, since genetics play an important role in how fat distributes around your body. When you do burn fat, it is your body--not you or anyone, that decides where and how much comes off. For females it is even more difficult to lose bodyfat. First of all, you're probably aware the bodyfat ratio is higher in women. That is why they tend to struggle with extra bodyfat in certain areas. My advice would be for you to drink alot of water, cut back on sugar, sodium, and other junk that you know won't help. Most importantly, have alot of patience and discipline; it isn't going to be easy. Good luck.

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    my sisters frend has a six-pack and he has no fat above it. He used to be in wrestling but now he is in boxing and let me tell you, he is pretty dang good. My point is, just try really hard.

    She also has a friend that was in dance class. Her name was Melissa and she had a six pack for a while. He got it from doing 1000 sit-ups (curl ups) every day because she was in dance class. Im no saying that you need to get a six pack, but maybe your program isn't working very well and maybe you need to switch.

    You can also consider buying an exercise machine. They really help. My cousin has a six- pack and wicked biceps because he has like 10 different machines and he works on them like for an hour every day.

    You should try getting a machine if you don't allready have one but you don't need 10. Trust me. My cousin also plays tennis and he practices in the tennis courts behind his house every day for almost 2 hours.

    I myself am starting to get a six-pack and I am planning to get a machine. I do sit-ups every day and practice soccer for 1.5 hours every day and tennis every once in a while. I also go on runs (long) and bike rides a lot (also long ones). I also go to the park and work there where i work until I have sweat waterfalling down my face.

    My uncle runs in marathons and he is really fit. He wakes up every morning except sunday and runs like 10-20 miles. You need to start shorter, but get into the habit of increasing the length every once in a while.

    You should try something like this.!.!.!

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    Yes, diet. Eat healthy foods--vegetables, fruits.

    Lay off the ab excercises. That just builds muscles, and it doesn't trim the fat. It'll make your stomach appear bulkier by adding to your muscles.

    And, of course, do cardio! Cardio makes the world go 'round :)

    Best of luck!

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    I've heard that women should have a waist size of 32 or 33 inches for optimum health. but at 16 you might still have baby fat. keep working on it.

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    I have found that if I concentrate on standing up straight that my stomach muscles automatically are engaged and this keeps my stomach flat. Also, when I go on my walks---I go for long walks w/ leg weights on for exercise, I concentrate on standing up straight and jutting my hips forward---also engages the stomach muscles. I hate sit-ups and this works for me.

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    do cruches witch only thing u do is put your hands behide your neck legs on the ground and pull your self half way up not all the way only tell the skin/fat crikle up

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