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How come the "Loose Change" documentary makes Perfect Logical Sense?

And how come the 911 Commisssion Report reads like a complete "White Wash" ?

Notice how I spelled the word "Sense" right this time?

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    You are right. You DID spell "sense" correctly!

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    It doesn't. Even among 9-11 conspiracy theorists Loose Change is considered more damaging to the 9-11 conspiracy theories than anything else. It is fatally flawed on almost every point. The research doesn't stand up to even casual inspection and the theories are purely fictional. Many 9-11 conspiracy theorists go so far as to imply loose change was put out by Bush to discredit the 9-11 conspiracy theorists.

  • Because you are gulable. For 9/11 to be a conspiracy there would have been thousands of people involved. How come nobody witnessed the massive amounts of explosives being brought into the WTC?

    btw, you weren't able to answer my question to you the last time you asked this question 14 hours ago.

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    It would not make experience. What those adult adult males do no longer understand is that once molten metallic and water combination, it creates an explosion. Burst water pipes and melted metallic mixing is basically to blame for what those adult adult males call planted costs. to no longer point out abode windows exploding from the warmth.

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    perfect logical sense to someone that has no logic

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    Because your a braindead, drug induced lib

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    Only to another lunatic.

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    It doesn't make any sense at all

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