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Mice and hamsters?

Can mice and hamster be in the same cage?

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    Those of us who have lived in multi-pet homes for all of our lives preach that it is never a good idea to allow different species of animals to live, or even play, together. The most popular combo is Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. And then I saw a vet program where the guinea Pig had to have a leg amputated because it was attacked by it's bunny cagemate.

    Hamsters are solitary animals. They prefer to live alone. The energy level and different life-style of a mouse would drive a hamster insane. The hamster would quickly dispatch (kill) it's unwelcome house guest.

    Don't even try it, it only takes a milli-second for the mouse to be killed.


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    No, it particularly is impossible. That a million/2 mouse hamster toddler is gonna finally end up delivery defects with 2 heads a million eye 5 tails and prefer 30 ft. So superb guess is get yet another hamster and yet another mouse and notice what occurs.

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    No!! Hamsters will eat mice!!

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    It all depends on what kind they are. They are more likely to not but if you wanted to try you could put them together for a while watch them and if they don't they don't. but wish you luck on that.

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    No, Hamsters should be housed seperatley. they will fight DONT DO IT!!!!

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    i don't know. Maybe you should try for a few hours if they get along then your answer is solved.


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    iu wouldnt try it!!! its nt a pretty site!!!!!

    they will eat eachother NO LIE!!!

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    no they will KILL

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