Can anyone suggest fashion tips and clothing of 80's for a 19 yr. old with a tan complexion like me?

I like the clothing style of Michael J. Fox (Red White Jacket and Strech Jeans with Chuck Taylor) in Back to the Future, also the 80's punk hairstyle... So I want to have clothes and a sense of fashion that will match my body build: medium, hair and eyes: black, height: 5'8" and color: tan. Thanks and Godbless!

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    if you have a tan complexion and your going for an 80's look, you should wear "day glow" (neon) clothing...definetly will make your complexion stand out more. In the 80's, tanned skin was huge! lol especially when trying to capture "Californian preppy look."

    Also jeans and pants must come up to the waist...not hips, so avoid low rise or hip hugging bottoms, if you want to get an authentic 80's look. Also with pants I suggest any pants that are tappered or have pleats at the hips OR jeans that are acid washed! lol

    have fun!

    Source(s): Personal experience....and old photographs of parents and friends!
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    roll up the bottom of our jeans really tight. You have to almost wrap your ankle like a present... first fold the bottom of the jean over, then up 2 or 3 times to just above the ankle. Also, lots of holes in jeans, especially at the knee.

    Skinny ties were the thing all the preppy boys wore, along with Airwalks or Vans.

    Source(s): As someone who survived the 80's, please don't do it!
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    adult men of their young children and early (very early) Nineteen Twenties with a medium body construct look rather sturdy and polished in polo shirts (excellent buttons down) in impartial (cool beiges, whites and blacks) or funky shades (relies upon on your man or woman flavor - do merely not flow for grandfatherly shades). ascertain that the more beneficial healthy is neither free nor too tight, only a properly-adapted, sturdy-setting up reduce. Or t-shirts with that kinda more beneficial healthy and colour scheme -- too tight skill you're gay, and too free skill you're ghetto. Pants should be free (in spite of the undeniable fact that no longer hip-hop saggy), in impartial shades or perhaps with denim you want (deconstructed ones are all the craze today and flow perfect inclusive of your age). as far as your shoes are worried, some thing from unfashionable shoes to posh leather-depending shoes is going with that outfit. merely ascertain they don't look too cumbersome.

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