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Can someone guide me about sex tourism? Particularly in Thailand or any other part of the world?

Places where prostituion is legalised to promote tourism.

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    Does your wife know you are asking this question?

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    Thailand Sex Tourism Guide

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    Officially its still considedred illegal. I would be careful with street walkers or ladies who may be underage. Thailand has been clamping down on underage sex tourism. If you're ever caught with a lady who is too young you will be busted and put in prison.

    I'm not sure what the age of consent is. Most of girls who work at the gogo bars are ment to carry ID cards with there date of birth on it.

    There are some well known scams when hookers who are in cahoots with the police will entrap a customer and then the police will collect the bribe. They would later split the money.

    Well known establishments don't hire these types of people as they are aware that it can spoil their reputations. If you're really serious about banging a bargirls you might want to stick to the well known joints where no one will cheat you. Most of these bars are located in the Nana plaza entertainment complex . Watch your wallet on the way in as Lady boy pickpockets hang around at the entrance. Patpong also has some good gogo bars but you pay much more.

    However getting arrested with a prostitute in Thailand is like getting a ticket for speeding at the Indy five hundred. I have my own personal experience in a soapy massage parlour where After doing the dirty deed upstairs. I came down stairs to notice the police were having lunch. The police never bothered us however they knew very well that we didn't get the Wat Pho style traditional massage.

    I would be careful about attending bars where there is some nudity. These bars are officially illegal. Gogo girls are supposed to where at least a Bikini when they do there pole dancing. The police have been known to raid bars that have nude or lesbian acts on stage. They have also been known to piss test all the partons in the bar. So if you puffed on a joint in the last three months it will show up in your urine.

    Angeles city in the Philippines also has a thriving industry. This is where the Old Clark airbase used to be. This is one place where you have to keep yours wits about there are lots scams involving underage girls and police. Be weary of anyone who has claimed to have met you somewhere else.

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    There are many places to come to in thailand. Bangkok you look for Nana Plaza, The city of Pattaya is well know for action and Phuket is another hot spot. ANd last I can recommed Koh Samui which has been my home for 3 years now. You will find what ever you like here.. And let me also say that its not only about the sex trade in Thailand. You can find the woman of your dreams here.... there are many thai women that would like to have a good man and yes take care of you better then any westener women can. Goood Luck..

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    Although prostitution is pretty much open, it is very much illegal. If you are coming here for a sex tour, I suggest you reconsider and not come here. The girls who work in the sex industry are forced into it by circumstances at home where money is needed to support the family. Since the average wage is $2500USD per year, a girl from the farm can make a years salary in 6 months or less. IF you just want sex, don't come here...we don't need you. Prostitution is not legal nor is it used to promote tourism here although there are scumbags who try to promote it that way.

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    i contemplate whether you understand the an prolonged time of those human beings, lots of them are in basic terms babies that are compelled into this variety of servitude. extremely the international locations you're asking approximately do produce different issues to make sure, and once you're after intercourse in simple terms bypass to a brothel for heavens sake do you rather should be a variety of human beings that come back and provide a ailment to a chum months or years down the track. think of reasponsibly.

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    Yes I can give you some guide to the ones in Thailand.

    First... you need to check into a hotel... it's called "The Bangkok Hilton" - You will find more from there.

    There is NO PLACE is the worldwhere prostitution is legalised just to promote tourism!!!

    Source(s): PS - for all those people who gave me the "thumbs down" - apparently you don't know that "the Bangkok Hilton" is a nickname for the big jail in Bangkok! I was being sarcastic and telling the asker that he will go to jail!!
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    Think yo are misguided here. Prostitution is illegal and you can be arrested for this in Thailand. And you will not like it.

    Go to Europe where it is legal, or even certain states in the USA.

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    Yeah, everybody knows about Patong Beach already, but the farang girls like me who live here will just look at you like the dirt you probably are.

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    I recommend you to go to your mother's neighbourhood or your grand mother's home. If you can't find one, then ask your mother or sister, certainly they can help and guide you.

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