Im confused-friend fallout?

ok,so me and my best friend fell out around February,then there is September with school starting again,we made up,but it still wasnt the same,there was still LOADS of tension.but anyway in october she was goin through a rough time and i just ask her was she ok,and at the end of the day i just goes 'hug' and spread my arms out,she didn know what to do,she kinda opened her arms but didn wanna so i sed no and she sed no and just walked on...

I duno,its just ok,I hear her talking to other ppl about the good times and she'll be talkin about good times with me or whatever and I really want s to be proper friends again and hang out.but maybe she doesn't wana...what do you's guys think??do you think she wants to or doesn't?

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  • Sandy
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    1 decade ago
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    I recently had a fallout with a very good friend... and we have since made amends but... there is this little bit of tension in the air when we are together... I know there is on my part anyway... it seems as each day goes by the tension eases and we are getting back to the way we use to talk and laugh... so I am expecting in time we should get back to normal...

    So with you and your friend... give it some time if you were true friend before the fallout than the friendship will soon pick up where it left off in time and if it doesn't accept it and move on... As you live your life people will come and go and when your older the ones that are stilll there will be the ones to cherish...

    Hope this helps!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok that was what dont do it just do what u what to do

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