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Whats a nice poem i can write for my mom?

I want to write a nice poem on her christmas card..i want something that says something like "thank you for evrything youve given me" or anything nice..or just a nice poem for a mom

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    Like a bird in it's nest you gave me everything I needed, You gave me wings and taught me to fly on my own, but with this freedom comes the realization that you were more then just a mother to me you were my friend, a true mentor of which no matter how high I fly you will always be by my side, as part of my spirit -forever close- forever my Mom.

    So hows that for a quick rambling ?

    Source(s): I wrote this in 2 min. is it good?
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    Well done The first few lines I was sure it was autumn Next paragraph talks about no tolerating lies. The third paragraph is about uncertainty I just can't find the difference between fake and real I would change the word find for tell between fake or real. 6th paragraph I would change to I would like to break the habit by keeping my mouth shut. Otherwise you wrote you poem beautiful. Apparently each paragraph has something different.

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    I would love to help you if I was a poetic person, which I'm not, lol. I think the poem should come from your heart, and not someone else's. Your mom will love a poem that you make, bad or not.

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    If you can ,sit down and remember some of the things about your mom that you have done together or that you admire about her.or both.Then if needed try to put them in chronological order and do it with words that rhyme,or not.I do this every year for my best friend and she just loves it.Good luck.

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    it will be more special and original if you write it yourself try to concetrate and you will find some word to do at least a small poem

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    aww thats so sweet. I suggest write down all the stuff you want to thank her for first then start wording it together

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    hear the voice of your heart and you will find the most wonderful words for her. there's no need to use words given by users on yahoo.

    don't you agree?

  • Anonymous
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    ABout how much you love her and appriciate her

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