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Have you ever noticed that people tend to choose the 1-3 response as the best answer.?

People do not read all of the posts, and unless you are at level 2. You cannot make a vote for the best answer. Some of the answers that I see voted the best are not even good. They just happened to respond right when the post was created.


The point is if you asked a question please take the time to read all of the answers. It does not make sense to ask the question; if you do not plan on reading all of the answers.

I can tell that you are of those people that choose the best aswer; just by your remark.

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    People choose the best answer in their eyes. I can't explain to you why people choose the first answer, although it's probably the best thing to do when there's 20+ answers that provide the same information.

    You can vote for the best answer to unresolved questions at level 1 (see link below). Therefore, you can start trying to resolve some of those questions by voting for the best answer - but remember, we're all going to be voting for what we consider to be the best answer.

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    And does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? some people are just spiteful that they don't get best answer all of the time. This site is full of sour grapes and competition, with the exception of a few people who actually don't lose sleep over Yahoo! Answers.

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    I read the answers and if "the best" one is repeated I vote for the one who answered "best" first.

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    I have noticed that, one reason I try to be first (but also with a good answer as well)

  • How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.
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    Yes, and that is why I try to answer quickly. How about instead of letting it go to vote, you pick me as best answer? Then you get 3 points AND I get 10!

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    1 decade ago

    Looks like we have another new BOT on here.

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    And yer point is?

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