Is the Iraq conflict helpless at this time?

Since in most circles the Iraq country has already divided into 3 autonimous areas, the suni, shite, and kurd will they ever unite into one country after fighting for over 1,000 years, most think this is a done deal, Iraq is a hopeless case, and the only reason for starying is U.S. pride and politics, the soldiers as usual are the ones who suffer in this undeclared war, as they did in Vietnam.

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    You are EXACTLY correct. The Sunni's & Shia's & Kurds have been fighting for thousands of years. This was even going on under Saddam's rule, he just had a better handle on keeping the chaos together. We found no WMD's, Saddam is out of power and there will not be a day where we can declare "victory" and go home. The military and civilians continue to pay the ultimate price every day, it's time for some major changes one of which is pulling troops out not sending more in.

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    As we chat back and forth, Iran may be going through a transition of its own. It seems, Ahmadinejad is doing poorly in his bid for re-election. It seems the Iranians are weary of his anti-holocaust rhetoric along with his nuclear ambitions and his anti-western diatribe.

    It's very possible that if Iran does, in fact, rid itself of this self serving trouble maker. It will also stop send money, arms, ammunitions, and insurgents to Iraq to oppose US efforts. If that happens, this whole thing could possibly wind down sooner rather than later.

    If this does happen, GWB will suddenly be the conquering hero and will go down in History books as the bravest president since FDR. Wouldn't that be nice!

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    Not at all. You have no clue what you are saying. This is typical of liberal defeatism.

    We won the war by establishing the first freely elected government in the Middle East. We have to help the Iraqis keep the peace.

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    NO!! Click on this website:

    These are military blogs by military personnel in Irag,

    Afghanistan and all over the world, including the USA and

    their stories of what is going on in their neck of the woods. Makes for some real interesting reading.

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    " Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

    All the Kings horses

    And all the kings men

    Could not put Humpty Dumpty

    Back together again."

    Especially not in this life time!

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    JonRoberts why are you name calling and using conspiracy theories to back it up! Yes, we have won the war now we are trying to keep the peace to stabalize their new government!

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