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what is the best way to deal with someone who is passive aggressive and constantly angry?

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    talk to them. usually these are people that you could NEVER even suggest that they go to therapy, because they don't see that they have a problem, or if they do realize, they don't want to talk to outside sources... so talk to them yourself. esp if it is someone who you are close too. ask them what makes them angry/stresses them out, do what you can to help, and maybe at some point they could go talk to someone about anger management and stress issues. good luck.

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    Take the person to a shrink. maybe they had some kind of childhood trauma that hasnt been dealth with

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    Stay away from them or tell them to go to the doctor and get a chill pill.

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    Every time they act that way, point it out specifically what they are doing/not doing. Maybe bringing it to their attention will help.

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    Tell them to bugger off.

  • 1 decade ago

    ask them if they like living with themself...

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