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If you believe in survival of the fittest, don't you just say good riddance to people who get lost @ mountains

its thier choice, a voluntary activity. They should know the risks right? So if they choose to go, don't take proper precautions and don't know how to survive an emergency, aren't they voluntarily subjecting themselves to the laws of the wild?


notice the question starts with IF. Its a supposition. Thus, I am looking for answers from people who accept the supposition, ie those who believe in survival of the fittest. I want to hear from them. This little explanation is for the benefit of those rubbernecker brain deprived ones who answered below that they don't believe in survival of the fittest.

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    I agree 100%. If you put yourself in a position where you are going to be in danger, then you need to be prepared to deal with the dangers that you may encounter.

    Some of your previous answers to this question are ridiculous. If you are injured while living your day to day life, then yes you should be helped.

    To take it a step further though. We are so over populated because we have a cure for almost everything. God made disease for a reason. To filter out the weak. We need to stop playing God and let him bring home those who aren't fit to deal with the h*ll here on Earth.

  • Everything we do in life is a choice, that doesn't mean that we should all start thinking only of ourselves and not help those who need it. Let's say you make the choice to go to the bank and while there, the bank gets robbed and you get shot. Should people just let you bleed to death or help you? After all, it was your choice to go to the bank, right? Think about it. Should you be penalized for not being prepared for the possibility that the bank might get robbed while you're there? Should these people be penalized for not knowing Mother Nature might get up on the wrong side of the bed? Caring for others is what makes us human.

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    That's pretty tacky... it may really be 'survival of the fittest' but that doesn't mean I say 'good riddance'- people are still not just another animal- and someone is grieving, even if we don't know them.

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    I agree with you for the most part. Although I wouldn't advocate forgetting them, I think they need to be sent a hefty bill for the rescue efforts.

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    I don't believe in just the survival of the fittest.

    So I disagree with the rest of your opinion.

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    You right, they asked for it.

    BUT, what makes us human are our emotions, and one of them which helps us to be social herd animals, is compassion.

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    so what about the people who volunteer to eat fatty fast foods and meat? just because they chose to eat those bad foods should we not help him if they are having a heart attack?

    have some compassion dood.

    --i disagree with your statement

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    yes, and they paid the ultimate price.

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