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there is this boy like me but i don't like him how can i tell him that i don't like him?

the boy he alway's staring at me and smalling at me but i don't like him and i don't know how to tell him that i don't like u

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    If he's only staring and smiling...why say anything? If he ever approaches you just say while I'm flattered I just ain't interested and leave it at that..Good luck!

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    Just don't give him any hints that you'd be interested. Try to keep it casual when you're around him. Smile if he smiles, but not in a way he could interpret as interest. Don't be rude. Just treat him as you would anybody else you know, and hopefully he'll get the hint. If he tries to indicate he'd like "something more," just say you don't have time to date or have a boyfriend. Or that your parents won't allow it yet! Put the blame on the adults!

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    Well try to ignore him. But if it makes you uncomftorable then tell a teacher or somone around you. That might make you feel better. The same thing kind of happend to me like you. I felt bad for a guy because everybody teased him. Then when we went back in the class room after lunch he was staring at me and smiling. I told my friends what happend. It kind of made me feel better but I hope what i said works.

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    If he hasn't approached you yet. Don't say anything!! Maybe youre just jumping to conclusions. Let him say something to you then if you tell him make sure to be as kind as possible but enough to get the point across that youre not really interested in him.

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    Try the old-fashioned way of "TELLING" him!! Then he'll know where you stand and both of you can move on.In today's world,why do you people have such a hard time in just telling it like it is.

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    just tell him that you don't like him. it may hurt him but he'll appreciate your honesty. and of course if that doesnwork, you can always give him this:

    rejection hotline: 648-6543

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    just tell it 2 him straight. either that or just say that u already have a bf ... hopefully he won't ask u who ... unless u DO have one.

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