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umm scared?

im 16 and i want to do the whole 1st kiss thing but im incredably scared #1 i have braces #2 i dont want to do anything stupid. Any good ideas or comments are nice thanks


i also dont know what to um do when i go to kiss someone, FYI

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    You've seen how people kiss in movies yeah? It's the same thing with braces as well...just touch lips and make sure your eyes are closed. Try not to use your tongue cos it gets saliva around the lips and that's an indication of a bad kisser. Use a tongue only if you're dating that person and they use it first. Nothing to worry about, it'll be fun!

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    Just do it. I know this advice seems simplistic but it is the truth. No one is better than you unless you make them that way. Who cares if they like the kiss or not, screw em, they are just like you. They are not the Roger Ebert of kissing.

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