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What should I do...?

Well,I have a blister, a bubble filled with what looks like water, what should I do with it ? How can I get rid of it instantly and easily ? should I pop it (gently ofcourse)? cause I've seen alot of people do that? Please,I hope it doesnt require going to a doctor or a surgery or anything like that....I'm super afraid of those. Please I need your answer,advice and help.


Its not big and I got it cause I wore these very uncomfortable shoes yesterday and all day long I felt something wasnt right (I felt my skin rub the shoe in an uncomfortable way) and I was sure I was going to get a blister. Its in the palm of my left feet,I cleaned the area with soap and water then I used alcohol and then put a band-aid on it and wore 2 socks,one over the other,on it. Some people recommended I soak it in hot water with salt atleast once then put a band aid again and cover it with socks and just leave it for afew days and try not to put much presure on it...what do they mean by 'salt' ? I mean,is there a special kind of salt or will the salt we put on our food do ??

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    where did you get it and how big? is it from touching/being in contact with something of high temperature? don't pop it..!! clean the area first. then just let it pop itself, or if it burst by accident, at least the area is clean. depending on size, if it is big, put band-aid when you leave your house so as not to let dirt/dust/etc into it and cause infection (not good)..

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    It will sting for a couple of days, but I think you should pop it gently. It won't require a doctor or anything. Just pop it really gently, wash it, maybe a little Neosporin, and slap a bandage on. It will sting for a few days(I got one playing house of the dead once. It really hurt).

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    ok i havent had those in a while..but i usually like pop it...with something pointy like a staple then i squeeze the stuff out..and i wash the area with soap and water than put like neosporen..good luck

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