What is the difference between Persians and Arabs? I hear all the time how Iranians don't like to be...?

thought of as Arabs, and that they are in fact Persian. Why is this distinction important? I'm just curious as a matter of history... Thanks!

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    The Persians and the Arabs are really very different peoples. The Arabs are a "semitic" people, who originated in North Africa and who settled in West Asia.

    The Persians are an Indo-Aryan people who originated in India and Central Asia. Their stock is actually the same stock as the Europeans. While the Persian language is written in Arabic Script, it is actually very similar in structure to Greek, and is a forerunner to it.

    Socially, the Persian people have a way of life that is remarkably western. Yes, their government is run by the Imams; but the run-of-the-mill Persian people you'd meet in the street, are not too dissimilar in any way from people you'd meet almost anywhere in the west. In short -- "The West" actually begins with Iran.

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    Iran used to be called Persia, just Iran, not the rest of the middle eastern countries. The Persian family that I know are a very proud people and feel that that distinction is a major part of who they are.

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    They are not closely related genetically. There language is completely different, etc.

    Big question is what is the same. Only answer, religion, sort of.

    Why is any racial distinction important? History and pride mostly.

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