Why does helium make your voice sound higher temporarily?

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    Just as sound travels faster in warm air than it does in cool air, it also travels faster in helium than in the normal air we breathe. (That's because the helium atoms move more quickly than the air molecules, and that happens because the helium atoms have less mass.) As the sound waves move through the helium, they move more quickly than they do in air. Although this doesn't change the frequency of the sound wave, it does enhance the higher frequencies of your voice. This emphasis on the higher frequencies is heard as a higher pitch. If the gas in your voice box had heavier molecules than air, the opposite would occur. The sound produced by your voice would seem lower.

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    once you communicate, the sound is transmitted by technique of vibrating the debris contained in the air till it reaches the ear. once there its grew to develop into into the noises we've come to understand. therefore why sound doesnt go back and forth in a vacuum, there isn't any longer some thing there to carry the vibrations. once you inhale helium and communicate, the vibrations develop into quicker, and therefore larger pitched considering that helium's density is below air. in case you took in denser than air chemical substances, the vibrations may be slower and may look decrease. For safe practices, helium, being a lot less dense then air, can destroy out your lungs actual. So respiration in a social gathering balloon to augment your voice for some seconds received't reason any everlasting damage. in spite of the undeniable fact that prolonged respiration of helium may be undesirable because you does no longer get sufficient oxygen on your body, and may asphyxiate. The denser gases, which customarily are in effortless words obtainable in technology labs, are a lot more beneficial risky and may not in any respect be carried out for a mess of elements, all of that may convey about severe undesirable part consequences or lack of lifestyles.

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    1 decade ago

    Sound travels faster through helium than through air so you hear

    it at a higher pitch...The helium in your lungs / throat is carrying the sound you make...

    Like a train traveling towards you with the whistle on, the sound

    is traveling faster when the train is traveling towards you so you

    hear it at a higher pitch. When the train passes and the sound is

    then going away from you, it is moving slower so you hear it at

    a lower pitch...

  • 1 decade ago

    It's less massive and therefore less dense than air, so the vibrations that make up your voice happen at a higher frequency.

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  • 1 decade ago

    because the gas have a very low density, your voice can be afected with the density of the air... having "strongest" voice with very dense gas... and having "litle" voice with lowest density of the gas.

    mmm I don´t know if my words are expressed correctly.... but take compression with me... I´m from Argentina.

    Espero que mi respuesta te haya sido útil.

    Saludos amigables desde Argentina. ShavieR.

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    all of the three were right but take my advice dont do it all the time because you can pass out or die.

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